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Précis de communication

Bac !
Précis de communication

Saying how you like

Saying what you like
Saying what you want
Saying what you don’t like
Saying what you prefer

Being polite

Asking for a favour
Making a suggestion
Making excuses
Giving advice
Thanking people

Expressing positive emotions

Being grateful
Being happy
Being excited
Being surprised
Being proud

Expressing negative emotions

Being scared
Being surprised / shocked
Being sorry
Being angry
Being sad / desperate
Being disappointed

Organising your speech

Giving yourself time to think
Getting started
Moving to another point
Giving an example
To conclude
Adding something
Ending the story

Interacting orally

Making sure you have been understood
Asking for explanations
Reacting strongly
Asking for help

Having a conversation

Saying hello
Introducing yourself or others
Ending a conversation
Asking for an interruption
Saying goodbye

Giving your opinion

Being certain
Expressing regrets
Expressing wishes
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