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On to the 60s

Activity 3

On to the 60s

Get ready! Look at the word cloud and listen to the words. Then find the equivalents of these words.

Get ready!

1) success (n.) ➜
2) try (hard) (v.) ➜
3) satisfy (v.) ➜
4) form, shape (v.) ➜
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word cloud

Watch the video.
a. Pick out words or expressions used to describe how women were portrayed in pop culture (adjectives, jobs, etc.).

b. In the list you made above, pick out the words or expressions related to women who did not marry.
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True or false? Justify with words or expressions from the document.

1) This representation remained the same for the whole decade.

2) According to Friedan, women were not satisfied with their traditional role in society.

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Find the events corresponding to the following dates.

1960 1963 1966 1967
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Pick out words and elements proving that the representation of women had changed by the end of the 1960s.

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Let's recap! Sum up your findings about the evolution of women’s lives in the 1960s. Use words from the word cloud above.

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