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A Silence that Speaks Volumes

Activity 3

A Silence that Speaks Volumes

Group 1

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant ici.

Get ready! Match each definition to the right phonetic transcription.

    1) /ˈvɪlɪfaɪ/

    2) /ˌkɒntrəˈvɜːʃəl/

    3) /ˈæθliːt/

    Watch the video. Say whether these statements are true or false.

    1) Tommie Smith was at ease on the stand when he was protesting.

    2) The fact that their action was hated at the time was a good thing.

    3) Their action was honored nearly 15 years later by President Barack Obama.

    4) Their gesture was a stepping stone to the following movements.

    5) The new generation of athletes is more aggressive in their demonstrations.

    Group 2

    Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant ici.

    Get ready! Listen to the recording and note down the words you hear. Use the phonetic transcriptions as a guide.

    Get ready!

    1) /ˈsaɪdlaɪn/
    2) /ˈdʒɛstʃə/
    3) /niːlɪŋ/
    4) /maɪˈnɒrətɪz/
    5) /ˈiːkwəl/
    6) /rɪˈtælɪɛɪtɪŋ/

    a. Pick out the following information.

    1) Type of document:

    2) Time:

    3) Place:

    4) Source:

    b. Watch the video and take notes on the following topics.

    Kaepernick’s gesture Negative consequences Positive consequences

    c. What is the tone of the video? Whose side does it support?

    Groups 1 & 2
    Let's recap! To what extent did these silent gestures have an impact on the nation?

    Useful vocabulary: The impact on the nation is that... Thanks to / because of these silent gestures... It is interesting to note that...

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