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Think about it

Think about it

Think about it


Langue : je maitrise les codes de la langue.

Mission 1

Exercice 1 : Describe your personality

Make 4 sentences about your personality using the vocabulary from the treasure trove.


S + BE + adverb of intensity + adj

> Auxiliaires

Exercice 2 : Talk about your tastes

Fill in this personality quiz.

I (can’t stand / quite like / really enjoy) playing soccer.

I absolutely (hate / am rather fond of / am very interested in) social networks.

I (can’t bear / am keen on / am crazy about) video games.

I totally  (dislike / like / am passionate about) politics.


How much do you like or hate something?
→ S + adv + like + V-ing

> Gout (verbes)

Exercice 3 : Talk about duties

What must a class representative and a treasurer be like? Complete the text with modals.

A class representative be responsible and open‑minded and he / she be attentive. He / she be afraid to speak to adults and he / she be too demanding.
A student council treasurer be very organised and reliable. He be late for meetings as his presence is key. He always keep track of spendings. Of course, he also very good at maths!


▪ Obligation: must ≠ interdiction: mustn’t
▪ Advice: should or shouldn’t

> Modalité

Mission 2

Exercice 4 : Talk about your habits

Make a list of at least 5 activities you regularly do.

How often do you do them? What about your best friend? Ask him or her!


“How often…?”
Once (1x) < Twice (2x) < Three times (3x) + a day / a week...
Every Friday, on Saturdays

> Présent simple

Exercice 5 : Debating

Write 3 sentences to show that you agree or disagree or want to negotiate.

1. Our committee should meet every day.
2. A president must be supportive.
3. Should we design posters or flyers?
4. How about organising a fundraiser?
5. Our secretary will come every two meetings.


No: I disagree / I don’t agree with... / I don’t think so
Yes: I agree with… / Totally, … !
Negotiate: Why don’t we + BV / We could + BV /

Exercice 6 : Give your arguments

Use these prompts to list the committees you think are the most / least important.

As far as I’m concerned, the events committee...

To my mind, the bulletin boards committee...

If you ask me, the arts committee...


Make yourself heard using comparatives and superlatives.

> Adjectifs
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