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Are you ready?

Mission 2

Are you ready?


Parler en continu : je prends la parole pour raconter ou décrire.

Did you know?

There are many theme parks worldwide based on famous books, films or cartoons: after Florida and Japan, a new Harry Potter park opened in California in 2016. There is even a park called BonBon Land in Denmark! Do you like amusement parks?

Exercice 1 : Amazing parks

Read this document. What is it about?

Where can you find these parks?

Which ride do you want to try? Why?

Choose one park and present it to the class.

You can go to the park of your choice, who do you bring with you?

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A top 3 of the craziest theme parks


1 Universal Studios Hollywood ■ Welcome to Hollywood!
▾ Universal City, California, USA
★ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (a dark ride)

2 Gulliver’s Kingdom ■ Giant adventures for little people
▾ Matlock Bath, England, UK
★ Gully’s Pirate Adventure (a water ride)

3 Legoland ® ■ The UK’s Favourite Kids Theme Park
▾ Windsor, England, UK
★ Atlantis Submarine Voyage (a submarine dark ride)

Exercice 2 : Welcome to Adventure Land!

Observe and identify the documents.

Read the documents and concentrate on easy and transparent words.

List obligations and prohibitions.

Use Canva to illustrate these rules for foreign visitors.

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Bumper car safety

Pleasureland ride

Exercice 3 : You must follow the rules

Look at the picture. Where is Elijah?

Listen. Pick out rules. Identify Elijah’s problem.

Roleplay a dialogue between a teacher and a pupil about class rules.
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You must follow the rules

You must follow the rules

You must follow the rules


Pronounce "must" and "mustn't"


You mustn’t try to get up. You must try to follow these rules. You must obey.


Shout: You must listen! You mustn’t chat! You must try all the rides!


Must and mustn’t

Observe: You mustn’t remove your seatbelt. You must remain seated.

Think: Spot the verbs and auxiliaries.

Practise: Give 3 rules to your classmates.

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Remember, listen to… but don’t...

Remember, listen to… but don’t...

Make a safety rules tutorial

Use Powtoon and make a safety rules tutorial for a chairoplane.

How far can you go?

A1 I can give 3 orders using the imperative.
A1 + I can also use must and mustn’t.
A2 I can link my sentences with and and but.
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