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Usual suspects!


Usual suspects!

Today you can...

     talk about a past event,
     describe a picture,
     discuss the consequences of past events.

Tomorrow you will...

     talk about circumstances in the past,
     analyse clues in a picture,
     make deductions and hypotheses,
    ✈️ learn about criminal investigations.

Can you solve a murder case?

Can you solve a murder case?

Acrostic: "Murders"

Acrostic: "Murders"

Audio guide

Audio guide

The New Yorker

Mission 1

Organise a press conference

  • Describe a crime scene.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Read a text conversation.

Mission 2

Enact the arrest of a criminal

  • Make hypotheses.
  • Listen to a message.
  • Decode encrypted messages.

Final challenge

Publish an investigation column

  • Write an article.
  • Present a TV report.
  • Roleplay an investigation.
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