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In the dreamtime

Mission 2

In the dreamtime


Réagir et dialoguer : j’échange avec un interlocuteur.

Did you know?

The British Museum has beautiful collections of Aboriginal culture: paintings, masks, spears, etc., even if some people believe that they should go back to the Aborigines. What type of art and museum do you prefer?

Aboriginal painting

The wet season

Exercice 1 : A mysterious art form

What is this? A drawing? A painting? Look at the technique and shapes.

What could the colours and shapes represent?

Compare the paintings.

Imagine a title for each painting!

The Dreamtime or Dreaming

In most stories of the Dreaming, the Ancestor Spirits came to the earth in human form and as they moved through the land, they created the animals, plants, rocks and other forms of the land that we know today.

Once the ancestor spirits had created the world, they changed into trees, stars, rocks, watering holes, etc. These are the sacred places of Aboriginal culture and they have special properties. Because the ancestors did not disappear at the end of the Dreaming, but remained in these sacred sites, the Dreaming is never-ending, linking the past and the present, the people and the land.

Exercice 2 : An original technique

Read and find who where, when and what.

Who created life on Earth? Where are these creators now?

Watch and list the symbols used by the art teacher.

Make a list of the different steps of the painting lesson.

Aboriginal symbols

Exercice 3 : Discover Aboriginal symbols

Most of the symbols represent things that are seen from a special point of view. Which one?

What do these symbols tell us about the Aboriginal way of life?

Imagine a short story using five symbols.

Imagine a collaborative story.


Words in -or /ər/


My ancestors were creators.


My professor’s ancestors were warriors!


Comparatives and superlatives

Observe: Use darker colours. Be more creative! Be the most creative!

Think: Why adj. + -er? Why more + adj.? Why most?

Practise: Compare the masks in Mission 1.

I love the brighter dots you used...

I love the brighter dots you used...

Read the story

Read the story in your workbook. Use StickyMoose and paint what you understand using dot painting. Vote for the best drawing.

How far can you go?

A2 I can describe the painting in detail.
A2+ I can justify my choice by comparing the paintings.
B1 I can defend the painting I prefer with complex sentences.
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