Anglais Cycle 4

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Think about it

Think about it

Think about it


Langue : je maitrise les codes de la langue.

Mission 1

Exercice 1 : Not just describing

Make 4 sentences to describe a picture chosen in this chapter.

Use there is or there are, and don’t forget to describe what you see on each side of the pictures!

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there is + singular / there are + plural
on the left - on the right - at the top - at the bottom - in the background - in the foreground

> There + BE
> Prépositions

Exercice 2 : Relative pronouns

Fill in the blanks with the correct relative pronoun.

Lovie Austin wrote many songs became very successful. She spent the major part of her life in Chicago, she had a reputation of being professional and hard-working. Lil Hardin Armstrong, was another famous jazzwoman, was Louis Armstrong’s second wife. They met the moment he moved to Chicago.

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Turn 2 sentences into 1 complex sentence to say more about:
a person → who
a thing → which
a place → where
a moment → when

> Pronoms

Exercice 3 : Intonation

Choose the right intonation for the word in blue: up or down?

Louis Armstrong was a musician who travelled throughout the world.

I think Lil Hardin was the most talented jazz musician.

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voice ↗ in the middle
voice ↘ at the end

Mission 2

Exercice 4 : Use causative verbs

Match the two clauses.

    The bandleader had them
    Lil Hardin asked him
    Armstrong's accident made him
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    make + person + BV = force
    HAVE + person + BV = neutral

    > Causatifs

    Exercice 5 : Make complex sentences

    Fill in the text with connectors.

    There was segregation the clubs were mostly frequented by black people. Most jazz artists were black Bix Beiderbecke was the first white jazz musician. He is less famous he died young, you haven’t heard of him!

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    ▪ And → add information
    ▪ But → contrast ideas
    ▪ So → add consequence
    ▪ Because / that’s why → explain

    > Mots de liaison

    Exercice 6 : Give your opinion

    Give your opinion. Explain and justify your answer as in the example.

    Example: We can’t choose Armstrong! He is far too famous!

    I prefer Austin to King Oliver.

    We should pick Armstrong.

    Why don’t we choose Austin or Armstrong?

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    ▪ Far too + adj = much too + adj = way too + adj
    ▪ Both = the two.
    ▪ Should + BV = advice
    ▪ Why don’t we + BV = suggestion
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