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Go for it: apply now!

Mission 2

Go for it: apply now!

Did you know?

1. Gap years are popular in France.
2. Students generally take a gap year after they go to university.
3. A gap year is a year-long holiday!

Have you ever been Down Under?

Look at the map of Australia online for a minute. Now, fill in the map. To write on this map, please click on the image and use our drawing tool.
<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>

You are a reporter for Tourism Australia. Interview the candidates who want the “best jobs in the world” to see how well they know Australia. Use these categories to ask questions. Be original!

Categories Questions Candidates’ answers
Geography (climate, cities, etc.) What’s the capital of Australia?
Wildlife (animals, flora, etc.) Have you ever seen a kangaroo?
Culture (famous Australian people, etc.) What is the Aboriginal musical instrument called?

An awesome video résumé

Watch some examples of video CVs. Write some dos and don’ts for such résumés.
Tourism and Events Queensland/

DOs 👍 DON'Ts 👎
✅   Introduce yourself briefly.
❌   Speak too fast.

Listen to the audio and write down the nationality of each winner.
An awesome video résumé

Listen again to their interview. Who says what? Match each winner to a tip.

    🏅 2013 winners 🏅 💡 Tips 💡
    Allan Dixon
    Andrew Smith
    Elisa Detrez
    Greg Snell
    Rich Keam
    Roberto Seba


    Sentence stress


    Listen: You should be daring, because you’ll have to work hard!

    Réfléchis : Que remarques-tu ? La voix monte-t-elle ou descend-elle ?
    Repère les mots accentués. Ce sont

    Répète : It really doesn’t matter, just get out there!

    Preparing for the casting

    Prepare for the interview! Take the quiz with a friend.

    Best Job in The World: Final Casting

    Are you ready to meet the jury? Take our interactive quiz now and find out!

    1. How long have you studied English?

    2. Do you have a personal blog? If so, how often do you publish articles?

    3. How often do you use social media?

    ▪ What are your three favourite apps? , and .

    4. Can you…?


    5. Have you ever been...? 


    For and since

    Observe : You have worked here since Monday, for five days.

    Réfléchis : Repère le verbe et l’auxiliaire. De quel aspect s’agit-il ?
    Distingue les deux informations de temps. Laquelle est suivie d’une date précise ? D’une durée ?

    Conclus : Après un verbe au , on emploie since pour parler d’une et for pour une . On les traduit en français par .

    Mission 2

    Your first mission consists of...

    Choose a job to apply for.

    Choose your level:

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