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Me, my selfie and I!

Mission 1

Me, my selfie and I!

Did you know?

1. Chinese portraits come from china.
2. Shakespeare wrote limericks.

Yearbook memories

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In group, identify the characters from the cast. What can you say about them? Describe what you can see.💡 Tip: We can see…, There is/are…, We think it’s…

Read the reviews. Note the positive comments and write your own positive review!

What does writing a yearbook mean to you?

★★★★★ “To me, yearbooks are an opportunity to express myself and to enrich the lives of the other members of the student body through the joy of the written word.” 💬  Alisha

★★★★ “Not only are we creating the book, we are coming together as a class and making memories that will last forever.” 💬  Brian

★★★★★ “We do not just write essays and take pictures, we document history.” 💬  Shannon

★★★★★ “A time capsule of this school year. It is something that is so unique and can never be replicated.” 💬  Amanda

★★★ “All of the best moments and memories throughout the year documented in one amazing book you get to keep forever.” 💬  Shayla

a) Note the positive comments. 
b) Write your own positive review! 
c) Fill in the blanks (postive, negative, many, few): of the comments are , so  students have a  opinion on yearbooks.

This year, make your own yearbook! You can begin now: take a piece of paper and draw yourself. Don't forget to pick a quote to illustrate your motto.

Get ready for yearbooks

Listen to the audio file and match each character with his/her hobbies.
Get ready for yearbooks
    Jamala Elijah

    What is her/his dream job?

    Match the objects from the collage to Jamala or Elijah.
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      Jamala's collage Elijah's collage

      If I were...

      Read Eileen’s Chinese portrait. List and classify her favourite things (activities, places, culture...).💡 Tip: She must be… because…, Maybe she’s… since…

      Eileen has run out of inspiration. Can you finish her poem for her? Use rhymes.If I were a city, I’d be... If I were a dessert, I’d be...

      My profile

      If I were a colour, I’d be blue like the summer sky.
      If I were a film, I’d be Star Wars to use the force,
      And if I were a day, I’d be Saturday of course!

      If I were a piece of clothing I’d be a pair of shorts
      because that’s what you wear when you play sports.
      If I were a book, I’d be the BFG because I love Roald Dahl,
      If I were an animal, I’d be a tiny mouse.

      If I were a city I’d be London with its London Eye,
      If I were a dessert I’d be…

      by Eileen




      Listen: If I were an animal, I’d be a mouse because I’m extremely shy. If I were a colour, I’d be blue like the summer sky.

      Réfléchis : Écoute et tape dans les mains pour marquer le rythme. Souligne les mots accentués.


      Répète : Entraine-toi à lire le poème en respectant le rythme.


      Another reality

      Observe : If I were an animal, I’d be a mouse.

      Réfléchis : Ces phrases évoquent-elles une situation passée ? Présente ? Future ? Irréelle ? Quel mot te l’indique ? Entoure les groupes verbaux.

      Conclus : Pour imaginer une situation ..., j’utilise ... suivi du verbe au ..., puis l’auxiliaire ... suivi d’une ... .

      Mission 1

      For this mission, I must...

      My poem should be...

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