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Let's tick it off!

Mission 1

Let's tick it off!

Did you know?

1. Bucket lists are boring.
2. On your bucket list, you can only write down the names of places you want to visit.
3. A bucket list is a list of promises to your family. 
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A famous bucket list

Match the film vocabulary to the information on the DVD sleeve.

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>
    Release date
    Famous actors playing the main characters

    Read the hypothesis below and find elements on the DVD sleeve that could justify them.

    Hypothesis Evidence / Clue
    The characters are good friends.
    They will have some adventures together.

    Here is Jenny’s guess. Fill in the blanks and note the predictions you agree with.

      “Maybe one of the characters is
      and lonely. He will try to
      his bucket list before he gets too ill. He will
      to Australia, where he will
      the other character. They will
      best friends.”
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      A plot summary

      Read the DVD sleeve. Note the characters’ jobs. Note how they know each other. Note what they do together.
      💡 Tip: Room+mate → roommate.
      Once /wʌns/: one time.
      Cancer-ward /ˈkænsə-wɔːd /: a hospital wing for cancer patients.
      Mustang /ˈmʌstæŋ/: a powerful race car.
      Khufu : an Egyptian Pharaoh.

      DVD sleeve for The Bucket List

      You only live once, so why not go out in style?

      That’s what two cancerward roommates, a billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and a mechanic (Morgan Freeman), decide when they get the bad news. They compose a bucket list - things to do before you kick the bucket - and head off for the around - the - world adventure of their lives. Sky dive? Check. Drive a Mustang round a race track? Check. Gaze at the pyramid of Khufu? Check. Discover the joy in their lives before it’s too late? Check!

      “A perfect remedy to the hype of the season”

      Their jobs: 
      How they know each other: 
      What they do together: 

      Tick out the wrong statements about the characters.

      Match the pictures to the words. Click on the activities the characters of The Bucket List manage to do.

      <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 6</stamp>

      How would you translate this movie title into French? Select the correct answer.

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      Mind reading

      Fill in the blanks with information from the picture.

      Graphique lié à l'exercice 8

      Jenny is going to visit a F T on at . Jenny wants to talk to her about her B L.

      Click on the keywords you hear in the conversation.

      Mind reading

      Select what Jenny will do (according to the fortune teller).

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      La prononciation de « t »


      Listen: I want a little bucket of water, not a bottle!

      Réfléchis : Repère tous les mots contenant le son /t/. /t/ est-il davantage accentué quand il est situé au milieu d’un mot ou à la fin d’un mot ?


      Répète : Betty Botter bought a bit of butter; “But,” she said, “this butter’s bitter!
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      Les composés de some

      Observe : I will go somewhere (1.) exotic, I’ll meet someone (2.) nice from Spain and I will do something (3.) special for Christmas: go to New Zealand!

      Réfléchis : Parmi les composés de some (en gras), lequel permet de désigner un lieu ? Un objet ? Une personne ?

      Conclus : Les mots en gras sont composés de some et des mots , et ; ils forment un seul . Contrairement à la règle de l’adjectif anglais, les adjectifs qui qualifient les composés de some se placent le nom.
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      Mission 1

      Your first mission is...

      You will need to...

      Choose your level:

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