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Bucket list


Get ready

Read the question: "What are your plans for the future?". Pick out transparent words, the interrogative pronoun and the possessive adjective.

Match each type of list with a definition and an example.

    Type of list: Definition: a list of... Examples!
    things that you have to do
    things that you want, but often cannot have
    people who are invited to something, like a party
    things that you have to buy

    Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.
    💡 Tips: A bucket list is a ... of things you want to do in the...

    Do you ever write lists? What for? What’s the link between bucket lists and future plans?
    Future plans! What do you plan on doing next week? Next year? List What do you usually put in a bucket?

    Check with this table what you already know.

    Today, can you... Prove it! 🙂 🙁
    talk about your wishes? I want to
    discuss your likes and dislikes? I like and but I hate
    organise ideas with and, but and so? I’m tired so
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    Observe and listen

    Observe the picture and choose the right answers to describe it.

    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>

    a) The document is a photograph of a (sculpture / classroom / public art project).
    b) It shows a list (written by members of the public / written by the artist / written by the woman in the picture).
    c) It is a list of (people’s wishes for the future / people’s regrets about the past / people’s plans for tonight).

    Listen to the audio guide. Fill in the blanks with these words.

    Audio guide

      The document is an art
      . The
      of this artwork is Before I die. It dates back to
      and it shows people’s
      written on a wall.

      Listen to the audio guide again. Pick the correct definitions of bucket lists.

      Guess the meaning of the following expressions.

      a) “It’s raining buckets” means .
      b) “She’s crying buckets” means .

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      Let’s have fun

      Find the words corresponding to…

      Song by Charlie Winston

      Charlie Winston, “Kick the Bucket”

      This is not a sad song!
      I don’t bring it up to get you down,
      It’s a celebration for all the red cells
      Going round and round in your body!

      a) /ˈbɒdi/ ➝
      b) /daʊn/ ➝
      c) /sɒŋ/ ➝
      d) /raʊnd/ ➝

      Write the word “not” in phonetics.
      💡 Tip: it’s the same “o” sound as in “body”.

      Tick the odd one out.

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