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The man, the king, the legend!

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Mission 1

The man, the king, the legend!

Did you know?

1. Is Brocéliande in , or ?
2. In Brocéliande, was there , or ?
3. Were Yvain and Esclados , or ?
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The Sword in the Stone

Find out the hidden words in this word snake. Then, complete the text with some of the words you found to describe the picture in your textbook.

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp>

The with hair and a yellow is King Arthur. He is trying to pull a from a .

Unscramble the sentences to discover more about Arthur.

a) Britain / King / of / a / was / Arthur / . / ➝ .
b) lived / Arthur / the / Ages / during / Middle / . / ➝ .
c) Wales / Arthur / from / came / . / ➝ .

Watch the trailer of the film. Then sum up the action.

  • adventures
  • sword
  • King
  • Wizard
  • chivalry
  • story
The Sword in the stone is the
of Arthur and Merlin the
. It’s a tale of
, with honour and
. Arthur becomes
thanks to the magical 
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King Arthur’s life

Read the text, select key information and classify it in this mindmap.

Legend says that, a long time ago, King Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine had a son: Arthur. Both his parents died when he was young, so Merlin, Uther’s wizard counsellor, sent Arthur to live with a knight, Ector.
One day, Arthur found a gleaming sword stuck in a stone! A man told him that whoever could pull out this sword as the true king. Arthur succeeded and became King of England.

During his reign, he battled against his rivals with the help of his fantastic sword Excalibur. Throughout his extraordinary adventures, Arthur lived with his wife Guinevere, Merlin, Sir Lancelot and other knights in Camelot, the castle where the Round Table was.

One legend even says that Arthur never died and that he still lives in Avalon, ready to return when the British need him…

Places & times: What happened when he was young:
Arthur’s life
What happened when he was young: His family and friends:

List the characters, then link them to the actions. Write full sentences using the verb in the past tense.


💡 Tips: King Uther and Lady Igraine had a son.

Choose the right meaning for these words from the text.

a) Both: (one of two / two of two / none of two).
b) Gleaming: (shining / singing / dancing).
c) Pull: (move an object in the direction of your body / move an object away from yourself / move an object in a circle).
d) Against: (on opposite teams / on the same team).
e) Need: (call / find (surprisingly) / want (urgently)).

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The legend today

Here are some adjectives to describe films. Fill the table with the words for positive reviews and negative reviews.

  • fantastic
  • great
  • bad
  • wonderful
  • extraordinary
  • awful
  • exciting
  • boring
  • magical
  • terrible
Positive reviews Negative reviews

Choose one of the three posters and describe it. Explain why you like it.

This is a poster for the movie , released in and directed by .
I can see . There is / are .
I like it because .

In groups, vote for your favourite poster. Decide which poster is the most (or the least) attractive. Discuss with your group.

Number of votes (👍 / 👎 ) Our justification
First Knight 👍 👎
King Arthur 👍 👎
Legend of the Sword 👍 👎
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La prononciation du « th »


Listen: Arthur, Uther, brother, both, father, them, this, think, thanks.

Réfléchis : Distingue les mots selon leur prononciation : /ð/ comme mother ; /θ/ comme theatre.


Répète : Their father thought that their mother thought that they were thieves with knives!
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Observe : A long time ago, King Arthur lived in Great Britain. Fifteen centuries ago he married Guinevere.

Réfléchis : Repère le marqueur temporel ainsi que les verbes : à quel temps sont-ils conjugués ?

Conclus : Ago associé à un marqueur temporel sert à traduire l’expression ; il se place le marqueur dans une phrase au .
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Mission 1

My production will be...

I will write...

Choose your level:

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