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Knights of Camelot!

Mission 2

Knights of Camelot!

Did you know?

1. Is Monty Python a comedy group from , or ?
2. Was The Holy Grail , or ?
3. Did they influenced , or ?
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The Round Table

Write about what you see in the picture. The team with the most detailed answer wins!
💡 Tip: Five words are hidden in the picture.

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Recap everything you remember about the knights of the Round Table.

Who was their leader? Where did they live?
Knights of the
What did they do? Round Table What were their values?

Your teacher will give you a text about one of the characters. Work with your partner and complete the table.

My character My partner’s character
Family and friends
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I’m a knight!

Associate these words to their definitions. Use the examples between quotation marks to help you.

    Banquet: “Merlin ate a lot at the banquet”.
    Steed: “He rode into battle on his loyal steed”.
    Jousting: “Lancelot won the jousting competition”.
    Gauntlet: “The knight threw down his gauntlet”.
    Tournament: “The World Cup is a big tournament”.
    Squire: “The squire prepared Galahad’s armour”.

    Listen to the song. Focus on the lyrics and select the words you can hear in the wordcloud below.

    historyteachers/Amy Burvall/Youtube

    Complete the timeline of this knight's adventures. First, place the following jobs/titles in the green boxes: knight, squire, page. Then, add actions from the song in the red boxes. Click on the picture to modify it.

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    Look at the pictures and write about the role of knights in medieval society.

    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 5</stamp>
    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 6</stamp>
    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 7</stamp>

    a) Knights took part in .
    b) A medieval knight had .
    c) Before the tournament, the knight .
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    You’re a knight, prepare to fight!

    Click on the adjectives that define a good knight.

    You are an old knight. You are talking about the good old days. What kind of knight were you?

    a) When I was younger, I .
    b) A long time ago, I .
    c) From what I remember, I .
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    Complete the following text. Each time you reach a blank, invent a funny answer.

    To become a Knight of the Round Table, I had to complete a quest. I had to go to (place) to get (object). After that, I had to (action) with  (person). King Arthur was very pleased!

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    La prononciation de « -ght »


    Listen: Knight - sight - bright - fright - light.

    Réfléchis : « -ght » se prononce-t-il ou ?


    Répète : The helmet of this frightening knight shines so bright at night.
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    HAD to

    Observe : A knight had to be brave and chivalrous. A knight didn’t have to prepare his armour.

    Réfléchis : Les phrases ci-dessus sont-elles au présent ?
    Expriment-elles une interdiction ou une obligation ?
    L’expression HAD to est-elle suivie d’une BV ou d’un verbe en -ing ?

    Conclus : Au passé, pour exprimer l’obligation on utilise + et pour l’absence d’obligation, on utilise HAVE to + .
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    Mission 2

    My production will be...

    Choose who you will be...

    Choose your level:

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