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A cycle superhighway
Activity 6

A cycle superhighway

Cyclists on the cycle superhighway near the London Eye, 2016.

Culture note

Over 600.000 bike journeys are made every day in London, that’s 23 million per year! Cycle superhighways are special lanes situated along some of London’s busiest roads. Their purpose is to provide a safe route for cyclists.
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List the words you expect to hear in this video about cycling the East-West superhighway.
Workbook p.26

Watch the video. Be ready to recap what you have understood.

Useful vocabulary: I think they’ll say… I expect to hear… They are probably going to use the word...

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your partner.

Together, list the pros and cons of this way of getting around London.

Which would you rather use if you went to London? Why?

Look at the picture of the Emirates Cable Car of Greenwich. Would you prefer using that means of transport?

Useful vocabulary: The good / bad points are… It’s great because… I’d rather go by…
I’d feel anxious / uncomfortable / ill-at-ease ≠ at ease
It’s good for our health… I would love the view and… I would feel terrible because I’m afraid of heights so I would...

Emirates Cable Car, Greenwich, London, 2016.

From French to English


La traduction de « il y a »

  • La description
    Ex : There is a cable car between Greenwich and East London. There are about 8 cycle superhighways.
    Attention !
    There is + sing. There are + pl.
  • Le temps
    Ex : Harry Beck designed the Tube map nearly 90 years ago.
    Ago s’utilise toujours avec le prétérit.
Exercices p. 85

Over to you!

Brief to the future

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You work for London City Hall. Write a brief to promote a new means of transports for London. You can use an existing one or invent one.

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