Activity 5

The transport of the future

Driverless bus in the Olympic Park, London, 2017.
Driverless bus in the Olympic Park, London, 2017.
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What are the vehicle’s features?

What do the passengers think of it?

What are the advantages of this means of transport?

What is the future of this means of transport?

Useful vocabulary: This vehicle is characterized by… It can…

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your partner.

Would you use this means of transport? Why or why not?

Together, discuss other means of transport that could be developed in the coming years.
Useful vocabulary: I would definitely use this… As I feel highly concerned by the environment, I would like to…. I wouldn’t bear / like taking this… because it is too...
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Identify the nature of the document.

Name as many things as you can see in the video.

Pick out the numbers mentioned. What do they refer to?

Pick out place names. What is happening there?

Useful vocabulary: The number refers to...

Driverless bus on show at London's Olympic park – BBC London


  • biofuel /ˈbaɪəʊˌfjʊəl/ (adj.)
  • electric ≠ hybrid /ˈhaɪbrɪd/ (adj.)
  • large / huge / enormous (adj.)
  • modern / futuristic (adj.)
  • oval / rectangular (adj.)
  • round (adj.)
  • small (tiny) (adj.)
  • square (adj.)
  • straight ≠ curved (adj.)
  • vintage / old-fashioned (adj.)
  • good point ≠ bad point (exp.)
  • advantage ≠ disadvantage (n.)
  • feature /ˈfi ːtʃə/ (characteristic /ˌkærɪktəˈrɪstɪk/) (n.)


Watch the video.
Then, click on your path!


Workbook p. 28

Over to you!

Brief to the future

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 5
and / or in
Activity 6

You work for London City Hall. Write a brief to promote a new means of transports for London.
You can use an existing one or invent one.

Grammar in progress

Le comparatif

Le comparatif sert à comparer deux éléments.
  • Supériorité
  • - Adjectifs « courts » ou se terminant par -y : adj-er + than
    Ex : safer than, earlier than
    - Adjectifs de 2 syllabes ou plus : more + adj + than
    Ex : more interesting than, more congested than
    Attention ! Ex : good → better, bad → worse, far → further
  • Égalité : as + adj + as
  • Infériorité : less + adj + than
Exercices p. 84
Précis grammatical p. 262

Let's learn!

Comparative game

Pick two cards from the teacher’s pack. The first one will be either +, - or =. The second will be an adjective. Make a sentence using a comparative.

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