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Activity 1

How to get around London

Close-up of the London Underground map, 2019.
Close-up of the London Underground map, 2019.

The Beginners Guide To London TRAVEL


  • get the most out of (exp.)
  • bike / cycle /ˈsaɪkəl/ lane → for bike riders (n.)
  • commuter /kəˈmjuːtə/ (n.)
  • (a) means of transport (n.)
  • platform → for Tube users /ˈjuːzərz/ (n.)
  • pavement → for passers-by (n.)
  • station / line (n.)
  • Underground / Tube /ˈtjuːb/ (n.)
  • travel / wander around (v.)
  • enjoy / benefit from (v.)
  • top up / reload (v.)
  • catch up (v.)
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Look at the photo. What strikes you? Have you seen or used this document before?

For an interactive real-time version, go to

Let's talk about the video called The Beginner’s Guide to London Travel.
a. What information do you expect to hear?

b. Now watch the video. Workbook p. 26
Work in groups: you are in charge of picking out information about one means of transport.

Group 1: The Tube
Group 2: The bus
Group 3: The black cab

Prepare 4 multiple-choice questions (with three possible answers) to check your classmates have understood after your oral recap.

Useful vocabulary: The video mentions… The video deals with / is about… In brief, if you want to travel by…, all you have to do is...

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other means of transport.

Get into groups of four and ask each other questions.
Which would you rather use if you went to London? Why?

Useful vocabulary: If I went to London, I would rather take the…
It looks very easy / convenient / comfortable…
How much does it cost to…? Where can I find…?

Your time to shine!


London Transport role play.
One tourist asks for directions to a Londoner. Improvise the conversation.

Précis de communication p. 252

Tip: You can use the situation cards given by the teacher.
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Grammar in progress

Les adverbes

Adverbe → adjectif + -ly
Ex : typical → typically
frank → frankly
quick → quickly

Attention ! Si l’adjectif se termine par -y, celui-ci se transforme en -i :
Ex : angry → angrily

Exercices p. 84
Précis grammatical p. 262

Let's learn!

Verbs challenge

The verbs and expressions in bold letters in the toolbox are all phrasal verbs. Try to think of phrasal verbs using the following verbs:
Ex: care → care about, care for...


Over to you!

Mythical minute

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 1
and / or in
Activity 2

You are a curator at the London Transport Museum. Using the underground map as a visual support, record a presentation about its creation.

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