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... For the world to see!
Activity 4

For the world to see!

Group 1: City of Gold

Gold Urban Art Festival

Group 1: City of Gold
Grayscale Concepts is proud to present the 6th edition of the “City of Gold” Urban Art Festival in Johannesburg South Africa from 6th-13th October 2018. The aim of City of Gold is to establish Johannesburg as a destination for graffiti and street artists from around the world and assist the development of the local graffiti / street art community. [...] Various events will take place at different locations in the city of Joburg which will showcase the finest in both international and local artists. The individual events and mural projects will attempt to activate and enhance sites in the Johannesburg CBD that are often feared or forgotten by the city's inhabitants.

Rasty,, 2018.

Group 2: IPAF 2018

IPAF Poster

Group 2: IPAF 2018
The second International Public Art Festival (IPAF) took place in Salt River, Cape Town from 10th – 19th February 2018. An initiative by NGO BazArt, this unique event gave both local and international artists the opportunity to showcase their stories, skills and styles in real time and on a global platform. IPAF’s main aim was to create awareness of public art, bridge the gap between fine art and street art and use it as a medium to educate, uplift and inspire the public.

IPAF,, 2017.

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You are in charge of one text.

Read it and answer the following questions: What? Where? When? Since when? How long? And what for?

Write a few sentences to sum it up.

b. What is the objective of such an event for the city? For the population?

Go on the Internet to find information about the next session of this Public Art Festival (dates, slogan, theme…). Be ready to present it.

Useful vocabulary:
The event will take place in…
This a promotional article / a poster…
It was created in...

Let's talk this out!

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Share you information with your classmates and learn about the other festival.

What are the similarities and differences?
Why do events like these reinforce the link between the population and the city they live in?

Why is it important for South Africa to be popular on a global scale?

b. Can you think of other reasons which make South Africa popular?

Useful vocabulary: Both festivals aim at + V-ing
A country needs to be popular in order to + V

Over to you!

Create a flyer

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

Prepare a flyer to promote the next International Public Art Festival in Cape Town. Select a work of art to illustrate it.

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