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Movie corner
Activity 2

Movie corner

Film / TV show selection


Remember the Titans, by Boaz Yakin, 2001.
Coach Carter, by Thomas Carter, 2005.
Touchback, by Don Handfield, 2012.
I, Tonya, by Craig Gillespie, 2018.
Run the Race, by Chris Dowling, 2019.


Friday Night Lights, by Peter Berg, 2006.
23 Blast, by Dylan Baker, 2013.
Last Chance U, by G. Whiteley and A. Ridley, 2016.
The Miracle Season, by Sean McNamara, 2018.

The Miracle Season, by Sean Mc Namara, 2018.

Race, by Stefen Hopkins, 2016.

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You are in charge of one film or TV series.

a. On the Internet, find more information about your movie or TV series and watch the trailer. How are athletes portrayed in this movie or series? What values do they represent? Which qualities do they personify?

b. Describe the coaches’ behaviour and relationship with the athletes.

Useful vocabulary: This film relates to...
The athletes represented are quite...
I found it very inspirational / impressive...

Let's talk this out!

Voir les réponses

Share your findings with your classmates and learn about other films or series.

What are the common points and differences between them?

Which one would you like to watch? Why?

Useful vocabulary: It makes me feel like watching...
Even if I’m not a great fan of...
I’m quite keen on...

Let's learn!

Two truths and one lie

Make three sentences about athletic scholarship. Two sentences must be true, one will be false.
Your neighbour has to guess which sentence is a lie.

Over to you!

To bench or not to bench?

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

The main player of a college sports team has skipped a few classes. The assistant coach tries to convince the head coach that the player deserves to play anyway. Imagine their conversation.

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