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Exhibition corner

Activity 5

Exhibition corner

The Biomimicry Center at Arizona State University, 2015.

Biomimicry Institute, 2015.


  • carbon footprint (n.)
  • climate change (n.)
  • consumer society (n.)
  • Earth (n.)
  • land / soil (n.)
  • sustainability (n.)
  • overconsume (v.)
  • recycle /ˌriːˈsaɪkəl/ (v.)
  • rise / increase (v.)
  • set a target (v.)
  • tackle an issue (v.)
Voir les réponses

You are in charge of one poster.

Observe your poster. What is it composed of?

Is this poster effective? Do you feel like going to this exhibition?

Useful vocabulary: This poster consists in… The exhibition will take place in... on (+ date)… I feel like attending…
I think / As far as I know / I’d say that the best poster is…
It is the most / colourful / striking / breathtaking… It is more detailed… It is cleverly done…

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other exhibitions.

When looking at the two posters above, which exhibition do you really feel like visiting? Why?

Your time to shine!

Make your own panels for the exhibition. Use your lesson and search the web to find information about your topic. Each panel should include a paragraph explaining the breakthrough and its impact, a biography of the scientist, a short interview and pictures.

From French to English


La traduction de « scientifique », « expérience »

Exercices p. 204

→ Nom : a scientist
→ Adjectif : a scientific breakthrough

→ Nom : some experience (knowledge)
→ Adjectif : an experiment (test)

Let's learn!

Acrostic writing

Write an acrostic poem for: SAVE OUR PLANET. You can use words from the whole chapter.

Over to you!

Your exhibition “Learning from Nature”

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

In groups, discuss to organise your exhibition (number of panels, topics…). Imagine and decide what will be on each panel: design the introductory panel.

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