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Public and private sphere
Activity 4

Public and private sphere

We’ll make it work!
We’ll make it work!
Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand prime minister, returned to work on Thursday, six weeks after giving birth to her first child. Ardern became only the second leader of a country to have a baby while in office when she gave birth to her daughter Neve on 21 June. When she announced her pregnancy, shortly after becoming prime minister last year, she said she would take six weeks of maternity leave.
Ardern spent Thursday speaking to media at her and partner Clarke Gayford’s home in suburban Auckland. She told Radio New Zealand that she was aware of the example that she was setting for other parents in returning to work so soon after the birth of her first child.
“I’m privileged, I’m very very lucky,” Ardern said. “I have a partner who can be there alongside me, who’s taking up a huge part of that joint responsibility because he’s a parent too, he’s not a babysitter.” She said she would take Neve with her while on prime ministerial duties, including to New York next month to speak at the United Nations.
“Through all of this it’s been about how do we meet Neve’s interests, but make sure that I’m not compromising in the way that I’m doing my job as well.” […] “But I am confident with all of the support I’m very lucky to have, that we will absolutely make it work.”

“We’ll make it work: Jacinda Ardern returns as New Zealand PM six weeks after giving birth”, Charles Anderson, The Guardian, 2018.

Family baby

Grammar in progress

L’emploi de would

Relevez dans le texte les mots en gras. Expriment-ils :

  • Une habitude dans le passé ?
  • Une suggestion ou un souhait ?
  • Un conditionnel ?
  • Un discours rapporté au passé ?

  • Exercices p. 56
    Précis gramatical p. 276


    Read the text. Then, click on your path!


    Workbook p. 20
    Voir les réponses


    Pick out the main information (who, when, where, what).

    Pick out information about Jacinda Ardern.

    Useful vocabulary: This text is about… The main issue is…
    Voir les réponses


    Pick out elements about her life partner.

    What impact could her actions have on other mothers? Why?

    Useful vocabulary: According to me, she wants to / she aims at...

    Let's talk this out!

    Voir les réponses

    Share your findings with your classmate.

    How could she reconcile both her private life and career?

    “He’s a parent too, he’s not a babysitter”. Discuss this quotation from the text.

    Useful vocabulary: This issue highlights the unequal treatment of men
    and women because... She is right in saying that... I don’t see it that way...

    Let's learn!

    Guess who

    Select a woman of power you have studied so far, prepare a short presentation of her (without saying her name). Make your classmates guess who she is.

    Over to you!

    Tweet an iconic inspiring woman

    Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

    Find a woman who inspires you in the way she manages her public and private life. Write a tweet to express your esteem for her.

    Don’t forget to create a dedicated hashtag for your tweet!
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