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What is the Dreaming?
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Activity 3

What is the Dreaming?

Text A
Text A: Definitions of the “Dreamtime"

The time of the creation of the world in Australian Aboriginal mythology “The stories may differ from place to place, but they have common features. For example, many genesis narratives feature Ancestral Beings, who created everything ‒ animals, plants, rocks, and land formations ‒ as they moved through the land in human form. They also created a system of relationships between the individual, the land, animals, and other people.”

“The Dreaming is, however, more than just an explanation of cultural norms, and where we came from. The Dreaming is a complete guide to life and living ‒ it is an encyclopaedia of the world. It is not just stories ‒ it is art, songs, dance; it is written into the land itself.”

“What is the ‘Dreamtime’ or the ‘Dreaming’?”, Jens Korff,, 2019.
Text B
Text B: The creation of the world

“We believe we are one of the original people in the world. We remember back to the time before there was time. We believe our Ancestor Spirits were responsible for the creation of the world ‒ the animals, rivers, mountains, plants, elements, sun, moon, stars. We believe all forms are interchangeable ‒ our ancestors could be animal or human. They could come back to life at any time, just like the seed which grows into a great tree, then seed back into the ground. That seed can stay there resting for a long time; yet at anytime it can spring back to life.”

[...] “The sun, like the seed, is the universal sign of growth, death, and rebirth. The way we look at the earth is from its internal core ‒ using the red powdered iron and our bodies and our cave walls or the ground, as a free expression of our internal consciousness. We always see things from the inside out, not as modern man does, just from the outside. For example if we drew a fish, it showed its skeleton; if we drew a human, we drew the internal organs and skeleton. We also saw the earth from above, as you might in one of your modern airplanes. East west north south, we could see Mother Earth from all angles.”

Dolphin Dreaming, Sharon Bernard, 2009.
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Each group is in charge of one text.

Workbook p. 40

What kind of text is it? Sum it up in one or two sentences and explain its goal.

Useful vocabulary: This text is a compilation of definitions / an explanation about…
It aims at + V-ing…

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings and learn about the other text.

a. Find the common points and the differences in it.
b. Which one is the most effective at defining the Dreamtime? Why?
Together, write a short definition of the Dreaming. The Dreaming is a spiritual concept that refers to various aspects of...

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Over to you!

Write a Wikipedia introductory paragraph

Let’s use what you have learnt in and !

You take part in the creation of new Wikipedia articles. You will write the introduction for one of the following entries: “Indigenous Rehabilitation in cities” or “the Dreaming” (60-100 words).

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