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To the bitter end

Activity 1

To the bitter end

Group 1: Ready for a deal

Group 2: The Wind that Shakes the Barley

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You are in charge of one video.

Workbook p. 114

At home, do some Internet research about:
Group 1
a. The Great Famine and its consequences on Irish immigration to the US.

Group 2
b. The Easter Rising and the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

Watch the video. Be ready to present it. (Who, When, Where, What?)

Present the characters. How are they related?

Group 1
a. What kind of relationship do the people from the two countries mentioned have? How do you know?

Group 2
b. Answer these additional questions: what for? How?

Useful vocabulary:
This is (about) an extract from a film / a TV series entitled… It was directed by… and released in…
They fight for… They stand up against…
They seem to be done / be fed up with…

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other documents.

Why is Northern Ireland British? Why are there so many Irish people in America?

How did Irish people make themselves heard?

Discuss the consequences these events had.


  • British / Irish (adj.)
  • radical / extreme ≠ moderate (adj.)
  • opposition (n.)
  • struggle /ˈstrʌgl/ / fight (n. or v.)
  • despite (the fact that) (prep.)
  • unlike / contrary to (prep.)
  • rule = control (v.)

Let's learn!

Millionaire game

Prepare five questions about one of the events mentioned in the page (the Great Famine, the Easter Rising, the Anglo-Irish War and Treaty, the Troubles, the Good Friday Agreement). Get in groups of five and share your questions to practice before playing the millionaire game.

Over to you!

Create a timeline

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

Make a timeline with the events mentioned on this page and write a blurb (short presentation) about recent Irish history.
Be ready to present it orally. Tech tip: you can use make your timeline more dynamic.

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