Unit 15
8 • Territory and memory

Troubled times

How has Ireland’s fight for independence branded its culture?

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Watch the video. Be ready to present it.

Workbook p. 113

Discuss the brainstorming questions.

Read the idiom of the week below. With the photo and the note, rephrase it in your own words and find examples.

Brainstorming questions

What do you know about Irish history?

IDIOM of the week!

A bone of contention

A bone of contention

This idiom alludes to two dogs fighting (contending) over a single bone. Neither will give up his position and the bone is seen as the specific point of argument.

Brainstorming questions

What do you know about the current situation in Ireland?

Brainstorming questions

What could the Irish Troubles be?

A bone of contention

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

Step 2

Post your opinion on Irish culture.
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  • joyful ≠ dark (adj.)
  • optimistic ≠ pessimistic (adj.)
  • testimony (n.) → testify (v.)
  • witness (n.) → witness (v.)
  • brand → leave a deep mark on (v.)
  • convey /kənˈvεɪ/ a message (v.)

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.
Poem: Stephen Hoey wrote it at the age of 17, shortly after he left school. Photo: The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.

Your final project

Form an opinion on the status of Northern Ireland and express it openly.

Get ready!

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Look at the vocabulary boxes below.
a. Start a chain speaking about Ireland. Each of you must use a different word to evoke the country.

b. Find a title for each box.

a. Look at the document above. What strikes you in the picture?

b. Read the text. What can you guess about the man who wrote this poem? What is his message?

Step 3

Imagine a dialogue.
Activity 5
Activity 6

Irish Troubles

  • bridge divisions / agree on something despite divisions (exp.)
  • come to terms with / make peace with (exp.)
  • agreement (n.)
  • truce /ˈtruːs/ / ceasefire /ˈsiːsˌfaɪə/ (n.)
  • reach an agreement (v.)
  • moderate ≠ radical

  • harsh / very hard (adj.)
  • critic (= a person) (n.)
  • criticism (n.)
  • bolster /ˈbəʊlstə/ / boost (v.)
  • call for something / for + V-ing (v.)
  • criticise / denounce (v.)
  • embody /ɪmˈbɒdɪ/ / personify (v.)

  • committed / dedicated /ˈdɛdɪkεɪtɪd/ (adj.)
  • driven → very motivated (adj.)
  • out of (feeling) (adv.)
  • purpose /ˈpɜːpəs/ / goal (n.)
  • for the sake of / in the name of (prep.)
  • achieve a goal (v.)
  • be involved in something / in + V-ing (v.)
  • stand for something (v.)

  • compelled / forced (adj.)
  • emancipated /ɪˈmænsɪˌpɛɪtɪd/ (adj.)
  • be under the yoke of (exp.) → be forced to obey someone
  • independence (n.)
  • break free from the shackles /ˈʃæklz/ of (v.)
  • rule / control (v.)

  • Nationalist /ˈnæʃnəlɪst/ / Republican (n.)
  • Unionist /ˈjuːnjənɪst / / Loyalist /ˈlɔɪəlɪst/ (n.)
  • uprising / rebellion (n.)
  • blame someone for something / for + V-ing (v.)
  • crack down on → control something more strictly than in the past (v.)
  • fight for (v.)
  • oppose / rise up against something (v.)
  • pay tribute to (v.)

Let's learn!

Say the word

A classmate will give you the title of a vocabulary category. You must come up with one word from the mind map without looking at it. If you’re correct, you score a point.

Brexit explained: What is the problem with the Irish border?, 2018.

On your way to the task - Step 1

Create a timeline and present it.
Activity 1
Activity 2
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