Activity 4

Culture corner

Over to you!

Irish culture for dummies

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 3
and / or in
Activity 4

Write a short opinion piece about how important and / or effective culture is(n’t) to let people know about Ireland’s troubled history and post it on a social network.You can use a Facebook post generator such as

Bloody Sunday, by Paul Greengrass, 2002.
Bloody Sunday, by Paul Greengrass, 2002.
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In pairs, choose two of the songs listed above. Go on the Internet to find out more and present them.

How do the singers convey their message?

Useful vocabulary: The singer tells us about... This is powerful because in the lyrics…

From French to English


La traduction de « assez »

Exercices p. 234

→ Être assez (= suffisamment) = be + adj. + enough
Ex : Nationalists were (not) angry enough to use violence.

→ Être assez (= dans une certaine mesure) = be rather / quite + adj.
Ex : The British were rather / quite upset about the attacks.

→ En avoir assez = be fed up with something / V-ing
Ex : Nationalists were fed up with British rule.

Song selection

Give Ireland Back to the Irish, Wings and Paul McCartney, 1972.
Sunday, Bloody Sunday, U2, 1983.
Zombie, The Cranberries, 1994.
Irish Blood, English Heart , Morrissey, 2004.

Book selection

A Breed of Heroes , Alan Judd, 1981.
Eureka Street , Robert McLiam Wilson, 1996.
Lies of Silence , Brian Moore, 1990.

Movie selection

In the Name of the Father , by Jim Sheridan, 1993.
Bloody Sunday , by Paul Greengrass, 2002.
The Wind that Shakes the Barley , by Ken Loach, 2006.

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Movies / Books

In groups of three, select two of the books and / or movies above. Go on the Internet to find out more and present them.

Which one do you feel like reading / watching?

Useful vocabulary: This deals with… It is about... It makes me feel like reading / watching it...


You can take either the song path or the book and movie path.


Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about other films, books or songs dealing with this subject.

What are the common points and differences? Which is the most powerful?

Why are films, songs and books different to learn about a topic? Which medium do you prefer?

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