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Activity 5

A hard-earned peace

The Queen shakes hands with former IRA Commander

The Queen and Martin McGuinness shaking hands in 2012, Andy Daven, 2012.
The Queen and Martin McGuinness shaking hands in 2012, Andy Daven, 2012.


  • former / past (adj.)
  • although / even though (conj.)
  • make peace (exp.)
  • ceasefire / truce (n.)
  • gesture /ˈdʒεstʃə/ (n.)
  • yield /ˈjiːld/ results (n.)
  • despite (prep.)

Grammar in progress

Le present perfect

a. Observez les phrases suivantes :
Of all the handshakes the Queen has delivered, none has been so symbolic.
They’re the people who’ve created the 30 years of terrorism.

b. Sachant que ces phrases ont été prononcées respectivement par le journaliste et par un unioniste, quelle est la valeur du present perfect ?

Exercices p. 234 Précis grammatical p. 277


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Workbook p. 116
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Look at the cartoon. What strikes you?

On what occasion did they shake hands? What happened before?

Listen to the recording. How is it related to the cartoon?

Useful vocabulary: The scene takes place in… Given that…
The man / woman may be a…
He / she is probably… He / she must be…
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Look at the cartoon. How difficult was it for both characters to agree to that meeting?

How do you think former victims reacted? Why?

Listen to the recording. Briefly present it.

Useful vocabulary: It is the story of… The man / woman is perhaps a…
The victims were probably very upset by…

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

Is it possible to make peace after such an event? What does it require?

Useful vocabulary: It seems obvious that…
It might / may / must have been + adj for former victims to + V.
It can’t be denied that… It requires great…

Let's learn!

Time’s up!

Make your classmates guess one of the events mentioned in these pages. Use as few words as possible, Time’s-up-style.

Over to you!

On the grapevine

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 5
and / or
Activity 6

No recordings were allowed when the Queen met with Martin McGuinness. Imagine their dialogue. You can use the language lab to record it.

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