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Caribbean poetry

Activity 4
Dub poetry
p. 204

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Get ready!

Mother and son
Word cloud

a. Look at the picture and with the words of the word cloud, make suppositions about the topic of the poem.

b. Find a synonym for the word “mudder”.
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First watching

a. Fill each category with words from the video.

People Place Other nouns or adjectives Verbs

b. Some of those words are in Jamaican English. Can you guess which English words they correspond to?
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Second watching

a. Present this document:
1) type:
2) narrator:
3) topic:

b. Classify the following words in the right category:
  • quick
  • joyful
  • punchy
  • relaxed
  • upbeat
  • tempo
  • humorous
  • praising
  • songlike
  • entertaining
  • rapid
  • pleased
  • considerate
Rhythm Tone Atmosphere and mood

c. Focus on the rhythm, use words above to describe it and the effect it gives.


Let's recap! Orally present and comment on this video.

Useful vocabulary: This is a… It is recited by… It is in Jamaican English so he uses words like... Like music, dub poetry is the logical expression of...
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