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Caribbean poetry

Activity 3
Here and there
p. 202

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a. Fill the blanks with the following words:

  • punctuation
  • stanza
  • rhyme
  • free verse
  • line
  • stanza
  • line
The poem has six
made of four
the last
is composed of only two
. The
themselves are not regular, making this really a piece of
. The poem is written is the past. There are four marks of
used the way they would be used in a paragraph. The presence of repetitive patterns and
makes it sound like a nursery rhyme.

b. Who are the characters? Find two words / expressions in the poem for each of them. Justify.

1) The speaker:

2) The main character:

3) The minor character:

c. Associate each line with at least one litherary device.

“That the bees were as busy”

“That the seeds were as seedy”

“To see what she could see”

d. Explain the last line in your own words “But wherever there’s God’s earth, I’m at home”.


Let's recap! Explain orally how place and identity are connected in this poem.

Useful vocabulary: The speaker is… The poet uses different poetic devices like… This poem reminds me of... The notion of place and identity are connected because...
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Get ready!

a. Associate the words from this word cloud with the corresponding picture.

b. Classify the words in the right category.
  • Cold
  • My gran
  • home
  • Shoreham
  • garden
England The Caribbean

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