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Back to the future

Activity 3
Ahead of the game

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Look at this word cloud and listen to the pronunciation of the words. Then, with the help of the photo and the caption of your group, pick out the words you expect to hear.
Ahead of the game - wordcloud
Exercice 1

Group 1: HoloLens

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True or false? Tick the correct answer.

1) The HoloLens technology is exciting for the surgeon.

2) It will impact the way he operates on patients.

3) This technology adds a human aspect to electronic communication.

4) The objects you see in space have a sense of pertinence.

5) You can play with objects around you.

Group 2: The weather channel

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a. What natural catastrophe is coming to the southeast of the US?

b. Look at the pictures and complete the following table with the level of water and the risks.

Meteo futur

  Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
Water level

Group 3: Online puzzle game

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Look at the following diagram and complete it with keywords.



Groups 1, 2 & 3
Let's recap! Present your technological innovation orally.

Useful vocabulary: This video is a/an… It presents… The technology used here is… It helps scientists / people do / learn about… It’s meant to be used by…
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