Anglais 1re - Cahier d'activités

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Thème 1 - Identities and exchanges
Ch. 1
In and out of the Valley
Ch. 2
Nollywood and Bollywood
Thème 2 - Public and private spaces
Ch. 3
Women of power
Ch. 4
Better together
Thème 3 - Art and power
Ch. 5
Uncle Stan’s army
Ch. A
The colors of music
Thème 4 - Citizenship and virtual worlds
Ch. 6
Ch. 7
Fact or fiction?
Thème 5 - Fictions and realities
Ch. 8
Got(h) away with murder
Ch. 9
The West wind
Ch. C
From Britain with laughs
Thème 6 - Scientific innovations and responsibility
Ch. 10
The big smoke
Ch. 11
Is it a brave new world?
Thème 7 - Diversity and inclusion
Ch. 12
The secret road to freedom
Ch. 13
Caribbean poetry
Thème 8 - Territory and memory
Ch. 14
No thanks, no giving
Ch. 15
Troubled times
Unit B
Activity 4

Esport: the jobs of the future

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Get ready!

Look at the words below and listen to the recording. Write them down in the order in which they are recorded.

Exercice 1

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First watching

and write down the words you hear.

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Second watching

a. Tick the correct answer.

1) Esport viewers are now outpacing
2) Professional League of Legends has existed for less than
3) The biggest tournaments put of dollars on the line.
4) In terms of stats, people log into LoL every day.
5) To go pro, you have to be really
6) Creating his team at Columbia College taught Connor Doyle

b. True or false?

1) Videogames are now a viable career.
2) Andrew Smith always dreamed of becoming a professional gamer.
3) Pros in North America can have a six-figure salary.
4) Many players can make a living streaming gameplay on platforms.
5) Players know that if they're good enough, they may get opportunities.
6) If he can't make it as a pro player, Andrew would love to work in game design.
7) It still feels crazy for Connor Doyle to follow his dream.
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