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Mission 2

Let's rock it!

Compétence : Parler en continu : je reproduis un modèle oral.

Did you know?

The 7 days of the week have Latin, Greek or German origins. Monday is the Day of the Moon; Tuesday comes from Tyr (or Mars) ; Wednesday from Woden’s Day; Thursday from Thor (or Jupiter); Friday from Frigg (or Venus) and Saturday from Saturn. What about Sunday?

01Revise your ABC

02Flip it! Say it!

03Play by the rules

Yes / No

  • ▪ Listen carefully and repeat the word.
  • ▪ Ask for the definition of the word.
  • ▪ Ask to repeat.
  • ▪ Spell clearly.
  • ▪ Repeat the word at the end.
  • ▪ Have fun!

  • ▪ Don’t spell too fast.
  • ▪ Don’t correct yourself.
  • ▪ Don’t chat!



Can you repeat please? Don’t chat! Listen!
Shout: Right! Can you spell “archeologist”? That’s correct!


The imperative

Observe: Listen! Repeat! Don’t chat!

Think: Spot the verbs. Is there any subject? What is different in the last example?

Practise: Can you think of classroom rules?
  • 1
    . Revise your ABC
  • 2
    . Revise you ABC

Revise your ABC


Exercice 1 : Revise your ABC

Question 1

DOCS 1, 2

Complete the words under the pictures. Can you spell them?

Question 2

DOCS 1, 2

Listen to the alphabet and recite it.

Question 3

DOCS 1, 2

Listen to Usher’s ABC song and sing along.

Question 4

DOCS 1, 2

Name the colours you see on the drawings. Can you spell them?
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