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Mission 2

Discuss your bucket lists

Compétence : Écrire et réagir à l'écrit : j'écris pour communiquer.

Did you know?

Around the world, charities help sick children make their dreams come true. In the UK, an association organised a One Direction concert for 53 severely ill children. What’s your most cherished dream?

01An outdoor childhood bucket list

02A Travel bucket list?

03A winter bucket list?

Subject: Re: Bucket list for our winter school exchange
Hi Liam,

Thanks for your email. It’s great to have a British pen friend!
I can’t wait to see you this winter for our school exchange. My family is pretty cool and we’ll have a great time in the Alps.

It’s a great idea to have a bucket list of the things we want to do so that we don’t miss out. First, I agree, let’s eat as much French food as possible. French food is wicked! We have loads of cheese here, and our hot chocolate is to die - for... However, unlike you, I’d prefer to go snowshoeing than snowboarding - too dangerous, sorry! FYI, I am not the sporty type… and I hate wearing ski boots. BTW, have you got your own winter kit? I think we can keep ice-skating and dog sledding on the list. However, I’d prefer not to go ice-fishing, in case the ice breaks! I am sorry mate if you’d prefer to do more adventurous activities, but there will be loads to do. I’d like to build an igloo and a gigantic snowman. We could also have snowball fights with my siblings! I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person!

See you, Nicolas


A silent letter!

Would you like to go abroad this summer? I wouldn’t like to stay here this summer.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Wishes and future plans

Observe: I’d like to go to New York. I will go to New York!

Think: Contrast would like (’d like) with will.

Practise: Discuss your winter bucket list and plans.
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    . Checklist of outdoor challenges

Checklist of outdoor challenges


Exercice 1 : An outdoor childhood bucket list

Question 1


Read the National Trust list. How many of these outdoor activities can you already tick off your list? Which ones do you still wish to do?

Question 2


Debate. Why is playing outside a good thing?

Question 3


Write an indoor bucket list with 10 activities.
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