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Mission 1

South Africa: a kaleidoscope of cultures

Compétence : Réagir et dialoguer : j’échange avec un interlocuteur.

Did you know?

Apartheid comes from Afrikaans, the language spoken in South Africa and Namibia. The Afrikaans word is derived from Dutch. It means “separateness” or “apartness”. Find out how inhabitants fought for their rights!

01May I sit next to you?


Apartheid means ‘apart-hood’ or ‘the state of being apart’ and was the system of racial inequality, segregation and discrimination in South Africa that was started after World War II. It was enforced by the laws of the South African National Party governments from 1948 to 1994. These white government officials ruled in the nation of South Africa which had a majority of black people. Their laws cut the rights of all black citizens so that they were not equal to other citizens in the country.

02What was life like during apartheid?

03“I’m ready to die”

Nelson Mandela’s trial

The trial which started in October 1963 is often referred to as “the trial that changed South Africa”. Ten leading opponents of apartheid were then brought to court on sabotage charges. They faced the death penalty. In what was arguably the most profound moment in the trial, Nelson Mandela made a speech in the dock in which he condemned the court as 'illegitimate'.

The trial ended on 12 June 1964, with the court sentencing eight of the defendants to life imprisonment. All were found guilty and were incarcerated on Robben Island Prison, with the exception of Goldberg, who was sent to Pretoria Central Prison where he served 22 years.

At the time, Pretoria Central was the only high security wing for white political prisoners in South Africa.
Adapted from South African History Online, “Rivonia Trial 1963-1964”.


Passive voice

Observe: Living in white areas is not forbidden nowadays. Many people have been killed in Sharpville. Nelson Mandela was elected President.

Is the subject doing the action?

Write 3 other sentences about apartheid using the passive voice.



Liberation! A democratic society full of opportunities!
Security, anxiety... Relaxation!
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