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Krewes keep Nola groovin'!

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. New Orleans was colonised by the French. Right or wrong?
2. What are the two nicknames of New Orleans? Krewes, Nola, The Big Apple or The Big Easy?
3. It’s famous worldwide for its celebration of Mardi Gras. Right or wrong?




After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in the late summer of 2005, the city held its Mardi Gras tradition. Some objected to holding a celebration after so many people had died and so many remained displaced. For others, it was a way to express the spirit of the city was alive.
“Mardi Gras as History”, New Orleans,, 2006.


Up to you !

A2 For Mardi Gras, my float will be...
My float is composed of...
B1 My float has... for I wanted to show...
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