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Cultural spots


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Up to you!

A2 I live in a lake that is very scary.
A2+ I have always been a real legend.
B1 So people were always fascinated by me For I have always been a complete mystery.

Did you know?

1. What are other names for Halloween? New Year’s eve, Samhain, All Souls Day or Toussaint?
2. Is this tradition comes from Asian countries, Scandinavian countries or Celtic countries? 
3. What does the verb “overlap” mean? Covering a part of something, enveloping something or winning over something?
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Fill in this crossword about Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

a) Very costly. .
b) Hates garlic..
c) Monumental fact. .
d) Place full of dead bodies. .
e) Used to be alive. .
f) Where a vampire usually sleeps. .
g) Comes out on full moon nights. .
h) All over the world. .
i) Feeling of great fear. .

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Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

a) The boy and the girl were talking when the moon came out. (Right. / Wrong.)
b) The girl felt happy while she was watching the film. (Right. / Wrong.)
c) The boy and the girl were walking down the street when they met zombies. (Right. / Wrong.)
d) Finally the boy turned into an angel while a monster was laughing. (Right. / Wrong.)

Recap what you know about monsters (physical appearance, powers, etc.).

💀 Monsters 👻

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Graphique lié à l'exercice 5
Invent your zombie identity. Interview another zombie from your class: ask questions to get to know it and note down its answers. Then, switch roles.

What you want to know Your questions Zombie’s answers
Past life as a human
Special powers
Likes and dislikes

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