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9/11 #NeverForget

Cultural spots

9/11 #NeverForget

Did you know?

1. September 11th is
2. Americans commemorate
3. There is a minute of silence at 8.46 am because
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Graphique lié à l'exercice 2
Listen to the audio file and match the figures with the right information.
World Trade Center

    height of One World Trade Center
    price of the building
    number of images in the museum
    year the museum opened
    number of years it took to build One World Trade Center
    area where the twin towers stood
    hours of video

    Put the words in the right order to express large quantities. Then, write the corresponding number in figures.

    a) thousand / and / hundred / feet / one / six / seventy / seven ➝

    b) four / meters / thousand / square ➝

    c) victims / thousand / seventy / two / nine / seven / hundred / and ➝

    Watch the video and explain the significance of the height of One World Trade Center.

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    Select the words you hear in the interviews.

    Find these words from the interviews in the grid : Crash / Explosion / Trap / Safe / Victim / Tower / Unfair / Plane / News / Noise.
    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 4</stamp>

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    Read the article and fill in the timeline to describe Artie’s morning.

    Time 8:30 am 8:46 am 9:03 am 9:59 am
    Artie’s actions
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    9/11: The 73 minutes that changed my life

    5 September 2011

    “I remember it was a beautiful day”. He was working at [a] law firm, and his office was on the 23rd floor of a building [near] the World Trade Center. At 08:46, a loud boom shook the building. [Then] someone screamed for everyone to get out of the building, because a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. Van Why took the lift and exited through a revolving door.
    “I walked to Church Street. […] I saw the North Tower […] I was dumbstruck.”
    Later, [he] saw the second plane hit the South Tower as he ran towards Fulton Street. […] None of the phones were working, so he went into a café and used a telephone there. When he emerged, he heard a deafening sound. He saw a wall of grey smoke. The South Tower was collapsing.
    He started running. The time was 09:59, 73 minutes after the first plane flew into the North Tower.
    By the time he got to his apartment on 43rd Street. The North Tower had also collapsed. [The events have] haunted him for nearly a decade.
    Tom Geoghegan, “9/11: the 73
    minutes that changed my life”,
    BBC, 5 September 2011.

    Tom Geoghegan, “9/11: the 73 minutes that changed my life”, BBC, 5 September 2011.

    Up to you !

    A2 GUIDE: This is… It was built in… It is… feet high. TOURIST: How high….? How much / many…?
    A2+ GUIDE: There were… It was… At . a.m., … V-ed TOURIST: What happened? When did …?
    B1 GUIDE: It was … terrifying / frightening… I was … horrifi ed / upset… I was V-ing, when V-ed TOURIST: What did you do? What were you doing?
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