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Bye-bye holidays!

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. American students never start school before September. Right or wrong?
2. In Australia, back-to-school is juste after Christmas. Right or wrong?
3. In Australia, pupils go to school on kangaroos. Right or wrong?


02Long time no see

03Can't wait?!

Back-to-School Poll: Surprising Number of Teens Looking Forward to Going Back

LOS ANGELES, CA ‒ September 1, 2016 [...] today announced the results of a poll revealing a teen population evenly split on disliking and liking having to go back to school. In a recent online poll surveying hundreds of teenagers, 56% said they were not looking forward to going back to school while 44% said they were. What does it mean? Looking at the Quizilla Forum comments following the poll, those dreading getting back on the bus cite boring teachers, crowded classes, being ridiculed for being different and fear of failing. The surprisingly high number embracing a return to the classroom look forward to seeing friends after a summer apart, going back into a system where they will now be a year higher up in the food chain, and stimulation following a summer that may have become a bit boring.
“Quizilla Back-to-School Poll”, Marketwired, 2006.


So & Neither

Observe : Mark wasn't ready and neither were his friends! Talya is happy to be back and so is Eileen.

Réfléchis : Trouve l'auxiliaire BE dans ces deux phrases, puis relève les sujets. Ces deux phrases sont-elles à la même forme ?

Conclus : Pour exprimer son accord, on utiliser « so + ... + Sujet » dans une phrase ... et « neither + ... + Sujet » dans une phrase ... .


Pronounce "of"

Listen: We'd rather have fun outside of school.

Réfléchis :
Trouve la bonne prononciation de of : /əv/ ou /ɒf/.
Répète : Let's take a selfie of us three!
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