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America here we come!

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Which one is not a USA state symbol: a flower, a car, a tree or a bird?
2. Nevada is a country. Right or wrong?
3. Which animal is the symbol of the USA: a rooster, a bald eagle or a lion?

01We’ve been selected!

We’ve been selected!

We've been selected!


Dear students,

Your school, as an international school, has been selected to send you on a road trip through the USA. Your journey will start in New York City where we will meet, and finish as far west as possible. The objective of your trip is to show that green travel is possible. We will also ask you to take action: you must do something for the environment in every state you visit. You will have to write a blog during the trip to inform people.

Before leaving, you will submit your itinerary to our committee. I am sure you already have a lot of ideas. If you show that you are motivated and ready to take action, there is no reason why it should be refused.
Don’t forget, we are the United Nations. And united, we’re stronger!

Environmentally yours,

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres.

02Where have I been?

03Survival kit


Future clauses

Observe : What happens once we are there is up to you! When we are there, we will see nenes! 

Réfléchis : Les évènements en caractères gras évoquent-ils le passé, le présent ou le futur ?
Après once et when, quel est le temps grammatical des verbes : le passé ou le présent ?

Conclus : Après ... ou ..., un verbe conjugué au ... en anglais se traduit par un verbe conjugué au ... en français.


Stress can change meaning

Listen: 1. An electric car factory2. An electric car factory. 

Réfléchis :
Dans l'expression 1, qu'est ce qui est électrique ? L'usine ou les voitures ? Dans l'expression 2, qu'est ce qui est électrique ? L'usine ou les voitures ?
Répète : 1. The perfect traveller's kit. 2. The perfect traveller's kit.
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