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No to resolutions?

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Resolutions were invented in the 19th century. Right or wrong? 
2. Resolutions were a way to reaffirm faith. Right or wrong? 
3. The US government website shows a list of the most popular resolutions. Right or wrong?




New Year's Resolutions

Last year I did some rotten things.
This year I will be better.
Here are some resolutions
I will follow to the letter:
I won’t make dumb excuses
when my homework isn’t done;
when the truth is that I did no work
’cause I was having fun.
I won’t fly paper airplanes
when the teacher isn’t looking.
I won’t sneak in the kitchen
just to taste what they are cooking.
I will not twist the silverware
to see how far it bends.
I will not take the candy bars
from lunch bags of my friends.
I will not skateboard down the hall
or skateboard down the stairs.
I won’t run over teachers,
and I won’t crash into chairs.
I will not do these rotten things;
my heart is full of sorrow.
But I have got some brand-new tricks
to try in school tomorrow.
New Year's Resolutions, Bruce Lansky

Up to you!

A2 I will watch less TV. But I will not be less sleepy!
A2+ I will be more sensible. But I will not be less sensitive!
Vers B1 I won’t be the nicest pupil in the world. But I will do my homework!
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