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No to resolutions?

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No to resolutions?

Did you know?

1. Resolutions were invented in the 19th century.  
2. Resolutions were a way to reaffirm faith.  
3. The US government website shows a list of the most popular resolutions.
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Ask your partner questions about his/her resolutions and note down his/her answers. 💡 Tip: Look at the picture for more original questions.
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What’s the best resolution you have ever taken? The worst? 💡 Tip: Superlatives: The + adj. court + -est ➝ the nicest / The most + adj. long ➝ the most interesting

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Listen to the conversation. Select the words you hear.

What about your family? Who does what? What do you do to help? Make two resolutions to help your family.

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Read the poem and fill in the gaps.
New Year's Resolutions

Last year I did some rotten things. This year I will be better. Here are some resolutions I will follow to the letter: I won’t make dumb excuses when my homework isn’t done; when the truth is that I did no work ’cause I was having fun. I won’t fly paper airplanes when the teacher isn’t looking. I won’t sneak in the kitchen just to taste what they are cooking. I will not twist the silverware to see how far it bends. I will not take the candy bars from lunch bags of my friends. I will not skateboard down the hall or skateboard down the stairs. I won’t run over teachers, and I won’t crash into chairs. I will not do these rotten things; my heart is full of sorrow. But I have got some brand-new tricks to try in school tomorrow.

New Year's Resolutions, Bruce Lansky

a) This poem was written by and its rhyming pattern is (a-b-a-b. /a -b-c-b.)
b) The narrator talks about what last year.
c) He makes new : he will and but he won’t .

Create your acrostic poem!

Really, do you think I will take any resolutions?
Enemies of my convictions!
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Up to you!

A2 I will watch less TV. But I will not be less sleepy!
A2+ I will be more sensible. But I will not be less sensitive!
Vers B1 I won’t be the nicest pupil in the world. But I will do my homework!
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