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Elementary, my dear Watson!

Did you know?

1. Where is Sherlock Holmes Day celebrated? In Australia, in Great Britain or worldwide?
2. When did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle born? On March 2nd, on May 2nd or on May 22nd?
3. In the books, where did Sherlock Holmes live? In Wales, in Scotland or in London?



Listen to the expert. Select the words you hear.



How to develop Sherlock Holmes-like power

Increase your powers of observation

► Give yourself challenges that force you to slow down: observe one new thing everyday. You will notice small details in your environment and daily life. And everything that’s out of place.
► Take notes to focus your attention: write descriptions and draw pictures of what you see. The more you do this on paper, the better you’ll do it on the fly.
► Meditate daily: it will teach you how to concentrate on what’s in your head.

Power up your deduction skills

► Analyse what you see or read, and ask questions: “Why is this important?” or “Why do I want to remember it?”
► Form connections between what you see and what you know: for example, mindmaps are a great way to make connections between all the things you know.
► Increase your knowledge base: Holmes is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.
Adapted from How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction, Thorin Klosowski, November 15th, 2012.

Up to you!

A2 My invention is an eyeprint identifier. I used it to solve the burglary.
A2+ I compared the eyes of the suspects and found out who was the criminal.
Vers B1 If a thief tries to steal top secret documents, he will need to pass an eyescan. My eyeprint identifier will disclose him.
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