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Robots everywhere

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Where do robots help humans? In medicine, in education or in houses?
2. Who created the humanoid Robonaut? Wallace, NASA or Thomas Ford?
3. What is a humanoid robot? A robot made of metal, a robot in human form or a robot with Artificial Intelligence?

01From fiction...

02… and dreams…

03… to reality!

… to reality!

Paro, the baby seal robot

Paro is a baby seal robot. Its mission in life is to be very cute! Paro will calm down and also comfort patients in hospitals and nursing homes: it is therapeutic.
Takanori Shibata, a Japanese engineer, invented Paro in 1993. It was first used to help people who are old and often have brain diseases like dementia.
The robot will respond to petting and cuddling: it will move its tail and eyes. Paro will be able to mime emotions like surprise or happiness.
Most people like Paro but some doctors say that it is maybe not humane to ask robots to care for sick and old people.

Adapted from Wikipedia.


/i:/ long ou /i/ court

Listen: I will build a big screen!

Réfléchis : Écoute et choisis la bonne prononciation. a) Will: /i:/ or /ɪ/? b) Build: /i:/ or /ɪ/? c) Big: /i:/ or /ɪ/? d) Screen: /i:/ or /ɪ/?
Répète : Geeks will not need sleep!


Prédire l’avenir

Observe : My robot will walk the dog, it will not wake me up and it won’t give me orders!

Réfléchis : Trouve les auxiliaires dans la phrase ci-dessus. L’auxiliaire indique le futur ou signale une probabilité.

Conclus : Pour exprimer le futur, j’utilise ... + BV. À la forme négative, je peux contracter will not en ... .
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