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What on Earth Can Space Teach Us?

Activity 2

What on Earth Can Space Teach Us?

Nuage de mots : What on Earth Can Space Teach Us?

Get ready! Listen to the recording and find the word corresponding to each of the following definitions.

Activity 2 - Word cloud
1) long stick (n.) ➜
2) studying / calculating (v.) ➜
3) action of shaking (n.) ➜
4) deep understanding (n.) ➜
5) center / heart (n.) ➜
6) sensor (n.) ➜
7) information (n. ➜
8) cloud of gas (n.) ➜

Watch the video. Pick out as many words as possible to explain the basic idea of InSight.

The InSight Lander, NASA, 2018.

Pick out words for each element to explain its purpose.

1) Seismometer:

2) Heat flow and physical properties probe:

3) Wind and thermal shield:

Pick out elements about Mars:

What we know... What we don’t know... What we could learn...

a. Why does Jaime Singer compare InSight to “playing the claw game on Mars with no joystick”?

b. Why is InSight “much much more than a Mars mission”?

Let's recap! What do you believe that InSight can teach us about Planet Earth?

Useful vocabulary: InSight can teach us…. InSight is important because…

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