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Nations Exploring Space

Activity 1

Nations Exploring Space

Group 1

Click here to find information about the International Space Station.

a. When was the ISS created?

b. Which nation sent the first part?

c. When did the first crew arrive?

d. Which nations have laboratory modules on the ISS?
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Click here and look at the statistics on crew members who have visited the ISS.

a. Which nation has contributed the most ISS crew members by far?

b. Does this match the figures you saw about components and modules?
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Group 2

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant ici.

a. Watch the video and pick out as many words as you can, then use them to answer the next questions.

b. Pick out figures (date, number, amount of money…) and be ready to say what they correspond to.
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a. For what reasons is India investing in space? Quote at least three.

b. Why is India called a “low-cost space power”?

c. What is the main criticism of Indian space exploration? Why?
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Let's recap! Meet up with someone from the other group and present your document. Discuss the pros and cons of sending several nationalities into space.

Useful vocabulary: I don’t believe… I reckon that… What I think is… What’s important to me is… Did you know that… I don’t know whether… I’m not sure about...

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