Anglais Cycle 4

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Bolly... what?

Mission 1

Bolly... what?


Parler en continu : je prends la parole pour donner mon opinion.

Did you know?

Hollywood has many competitors. In Nigeria, Nollywood produces 2000 films a year for over 150 million spectators. Kollywood, another Indian film industry, has produced 326 films in Tamil, an Indian language. How often do you go to the cinema?

Exercice 1 : Bollywood princesses

Introduce the documents.

Identify as many princesses as you can.

Briefly sum up the story of one of these fairy tales. Use sequencing words.

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Bollywood princesses

Exercice 2 : Bollywood rhythm!

Describe the photograph.

Watch the video. Where is it? Who is the star of the show?

What does she do for a living? Draw her timeline. You can use LearningApps.

Focus on the second part and list the hand gestures.

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Shakti Mohan

Ashley Anderson/BBC Worldwide

Exercice 3 : Bollywood film script

What is this document?

Read and pick out the characters and setting.

Draw the timeline of events. Use sequencing words.

Imagine what happened next.

How would you “Bollywood” this story?

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Once Again

Love Story, 90-100 Min By Kanwal Sethi.


Amar was an ageing film star. Wherever he went, he was immediately surrounded by the masses of people – yet, he lived alone, hidden away in Mumbai, a city of 15 million souls. Tara was a passionate fan of Amar. A widow of some 20 years, she delivered Amar's meals to his home. But she had never seen him – except on the big screen. What began by pure chance was now a ritual: for hours on end they talked to each other on the phone. Until one day, when Amar set off to see Tara...

Once again, film script by Kanwal Sethi, 2014.


Say ‑age


average /'ævərɪdʒ/

marriage /mærɪdʒ/ 

carriage /kærɪdʒ/ 


You need courage to eat cabbage in a carriage.


Sequencing words

Observe: First, the man was sad. Then, he met a woman. Afterwards, they fell in love. Eventually, they… got divorced!

Think: Find the verbs. Spot link words.

Practise: Sum up Beauty and the Beast with link words.

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There are 2 characters.

There are 2 characters.

Defend a screenplay

Use Voki. You've written a modern Bollywood fairy tale with a happy ending. Defend your screenplay!

How far can you go?

A1+ I can use adjectives, adverbs and superlatives to present characters.
A2 I can list the different events in the story.
A2+ I can think my sentences with link words.
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