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Ancient wisdom


Ancient wisdom

Get ready

What are YOU prepared to do to save the planet? Fill in the gaps with the following words.

    There are many things we can do to save the planet. As individuals we can do
    : we can
    , we can turn off the
    that we don’t need, we can take shorter
    , etc. We can also ask
    to take action. Many
    organisations make a huge

    Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

    Ancient What does Ancient Wisdom mean? Wisdom

    Check with this table what you already know.

    Today, can you... Prove it! 🙂 🙁
    make hypotheses? If
    use direct speech? My best friend said:
    write a speech? Ladies and gentlemen,
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    Observe and listen

    Observe and describe the artwork.
    Amazon Rainforest Vana Spirit

    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp> Amazon Rainforest Vana Spirit

    John Dyer, Spiritual Rebirth. Amazon Rainforest Vana Spirit, 2015.
    a) How many types of animals can you see? Do you know their names? 

    b) How many types of plants can you spot? Can you name a few? 

    c) What is the woman wearing? What is she doing?

    Listen to the audio guide and fill in the blanks.
    Audio guide

      This is a
      . The
      is quite meaningful. This artwork made in
       is about
      . John Dyer was so
      by the rainforest that he painted this artwork to depict the
      from the rainforest, but also belief in powerful

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      Let’s have fun

      Listen to the audio and write down the words that rhyme with “green”.

      Find the different pronunciations of the letter “o”. Pick a word in the poem for each sound.

      a) /ɒ/ ➝
      b) /uː/ ➝
      c) /ʌ/ ➝
      d) /ə/ ➝
      e) /ɜː/ ➝ 
      f) /əʊ/ ➝ 
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      Dmitri Allicork, “Green land of home”

      Dmitri Allicork, “Green land of home”

      Green is the color of lush

      Nurtured by the heavens not in a rush

      Green is my Guyana where seeds are sown

      My roots, the world, that I have known

      Trees of fruits, medicines, and air so clean

      Green is my home of such beauty to be seen
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