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Dream job: now casting!

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Dream job: now casting!

Today you can…

     talk about your duties,
     talk about your experiences,
     recount past events.

Tomorrow you will…

     talk about your future responsibilities,
     sum up your previous experiences,
     describe your current situation with for and since,
    ✈️ discover Australia and tourism.

What does it take to get the best job in the world?

What does it take to get the best job in the world?

Audio guide

Audio guide

The Best Job in the World

Mission 1

Record a radio ad

  • React to a poster.
  • Listen to a radio ad.
  • Read job descriptions.

Mission 2

Choose a job and write a CV

  • Play roles.
  • Watch video CVs.
  • Write a text message.

Final challenge

Take part in a casting

  • Play the part of a candidate or a member of the jury.
  • Write an application letter.
  • Record a video CV.
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