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Unit 15
8 • The past in the present

Twisted tales
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How are modern society and art influenced by fairy tales?

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

A Study in Pink, Alicexz, 2011.
Galavant, by Dan Fogelman, 2015.

Shrek, 2001.


  • childish /ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ/ (adj.) → for children /ˈtʃɪldrən/ / immature
  • cold / impassive (adj.)
  • actor / actress / cast (n.)
  • aim / goal / objective (n.)
  • crown /ˈkraʊn/ (n.)
  • knife /ˈnaɪf/ / dagger (n.)
  • sword /ˈsɔːd/ (n.)
  • throne (n.)
  • TV series (n.)

Get ready!

Voir les réponses
a. Look at the vocabulary boxes below.
Memorise as many words as possible.
b. Find a title for each box.


Watch the video. Where does it come from? Pick out words from the mind map that you hear.

Workbook p. 103

Look at the picture.
a. What characters and objects traditionally associated with fairy tales do you recognise?

b. How would you describe the characters? Choose one adjective for each.

Voir les réponses

Discuss the brainstorming questions with your neighbours. Do you know any modern versions of fairy tales? Which fairy tale would you like to see rewritten and why?

Read the idiom of the week below. With the photo and the note, guess its meaning and rephrase it.

Let's learn!

Word battle

  • Memorise as many words from the vocabulary mind map as you can.

  • You have 20 seconds to give as many words as you remember.

Tie Knot

IDIOM of the week!

To tie the knot

To tie the knot
A knot is used to secure things together (a boat to a pier, a ribbon in your hair for example). It’s the symbol of an unbreakable bond and as such it’s commonly used to refer to people who have decided to get married.

Brainstorming question

What fairy tales do you know?

Brainstorming question

What are the ingredients to make a great fairy tale?

Brainstorming question

How can fairy tales be modernised?

Fairy tales

Fairy tales

  • fairy → two fairies (n.)
  • godmother / godfather (n.)
  • king / queen /ˈkwiːn/ (n.)
  • knight /ˈnaɪt/ (n.)
  • peasant /ˈpɛzənt/ / farmer (n.)
  • prince / princess (n.)
  • protagonist / antagonist (n.)
  • squire /ˈskwaɪə/ (n.)
  • stepmother (n.)
  • villain (n.) / evil /ˈiːvəl/ (adj.)
  • character (n.)

  • Beauty and the Beast (n. pr.)
  • Cinderella (n. pr.)
  • Goldilocks /ˈgəʊˌldɪlɒks/ and the Three Bears /ˈbeəz/ (n. pr.)
  • Jack and the Beanstalk (n. pr.)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (n. pr.)
  • Sleeping Beauty (n. pr.)
  • Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (n. pr.)

  • accepting (adj.)
  • diverse (adj.)
  • progressive (adj.)
  • criticism /ˈkrɪtɪsɪzəm/ (n.)
  • stereotype = cliché (n.)
  • criticise (v.)
  • modernise (v.)
  • point out (v.)

  • once upon a time…” (exp.)
  • “…happily ever after” (exp.)
  • plot / storyline (n.)
  • trope = figure of speech (n.)
  • wedding ceremony (n.)

  • ambitious /æmˈbɪʃəs/ (adj.)
  • brave / courageous (adj.)
  • fearless / bold / audacious (adj.)
  • good ≠ evil /iːvəl/ (adj.)
  • magical (adj.)

  • creatures /ˈkriːtʃəz/ (n.)
  • curse /ˈkɜːs/ (n.)
  • dragon / ogre /ˈəʊgə/ (n.)
  • enchantment / spell (n.)
  • magic /ˈmædʒɪk/ (n.)

On your way to the task - Step 1

Leave a comment on IMDb.
Activity 1
Activity 2

Step 2

Record a podcast to present a strong female character.
Activity 3

Step 3

Conduct an interview.
Activity 4
Activity 5

Your final project

Reinvent a classic fairy tale and put a modern spin on it.
Let's go!
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