Activity 4

Successful and shining Nollywood

Let's learn!

Word battle

Take one minute to go through the unit again to revise. Then, in pairs, each of you gives a word and his or her classmate mentions an equivalent or the opposite. Then, do the same the other way round.
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List the places (countries and cities) you hear in the video. What do you notice?

Identify the people in the video. Who are they? What do they do?

Why is Hollywood mentioned?

Useful vocabulary: I can see that some places are located in… while the others are in...

Director Bond Emeruwa and crew shoot a scene, 2006.

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

What is the relationship between Hollywood and Nollywood? How could this relationship develop?

Have you ever watched a Nollywood movie? Why or why not? Would you like to?


  • aspiring (adj.)
  • distinguished / recognized /ˈrɛkəgnaɪzd/ / awarded (adj.)
  • willing to be (exp.)
  • booming industry (n.)
  • director / technician /tɛkˈnɪʃn/ (n.)
  • employer → employee (n.)
  • shooting gear /ˈgɪə/ (n.)
  • workshop (n.)
  • aim at + V-ing / intend to + V (v.)
  • expect to (v.)
  • portray / depict (v.)

Over to you!

Introduce a TV report

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 4
and / or
Activity 5

You are a TV journalist. A report about Nollywood is going to be shown on your programme. Prepare and record an introduction about what Nollywood cinema is (origins, aims, status in the global film industry, future...).

Enregistreur audio
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What sort of video is it? Be ready to present it.

List the words connected to the movie industry. What do they suggest?

Recap the main ideas in three sentences.

Useful vocabulary: It seems to me that…
Nollywood’s success shows through...
To sum it up, the video is...


Watch the video.
Then, click on your path!


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