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Nollywood’s ups and downs

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Activity 5

Nollywood’s ups and downs

Text A
Text A

Just a decade after “Living in Bondage”, Nollywood films, made in some 300 languages, were being watched in both urban and rural areas, distributed on both the streets and online, and finding their way into international festivals. And since the 2000s, Nollywood films have only continued to proliferate and spread. We recently spoke to Witt about the cultural phenomenon, how it’s spread, and how Nollywood films today are both distinctively Nigerian and globally influenced.

“Inside Nollywood, the booming film industry that makes 1,500 movies a year”, Elizabeth Flock, PBS News Hour, 2017.
Text B
Text B

The majority of Nigerian films are, due to lack of facilities and resources, informal productions which are recorded on video format instead of being produced for theatrical release. Piracy plagues the Nigerian film industry as regulations on rights and distribution are deficient and this means that the filmmakers, who are already working on tight budgets, are incurring substantial losses.

“Nollywood and Bollywood Film Industries to Collaborate”, Emma Heffernan, Cov Africa, 2015.
Text C
Text C

Nollywood films have mostly been shot in the Nigerian megapolis of Lagos, a city of entrepreneurial spirit and indefatigable endeavour. They are widely available to both rich and poor across the continent and the African Diaspora in Europe, the Caribbean, and North America. Nollywood has also massively increased the role and visibility of women in African cinema. As veteran producer, Tunde Kelani, noted: “[…] our movies are definitely African. Their popularity shows that Africans have a lot in common socially, culturally, and politically.”

“Nollywood as a Pan-African cultural phenomenon”, Adekeye Adebajo, The Guardian, 2017.
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You are in charge of one text.

What kind of text is it? Be ready to present it briefly.  Workbook p. 13
Sum it up in one or two sentences. What message does the author convey?
What do you learn from Nollywood movies?

Useful vocabulary: This text was written by…
It was published on (date)… It is an extract from…
The author conveys the idea that / points at…
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Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings and learn about the other texts.

What can account for the success of Nollywood movies?

What do Nollywood movies provide Black audiences with that other movie industries don’t?

Why does this industry have financial trouble despite its large audience?

Useful vocabulary: The reason why… Thanks to…
Nollywood movies are highly successful because…
They appeal very much to… Because of / due to…
Despite / in spite of its success, …
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Language in progress

Both... (and) / Either... or… / Neither... nor...

Observez les mots en gras dans les textes ainsi que dans les phrases suivantes. Que remarquez-vous ?

– Nollywood actresses can either play in Bollywood or Hollywood movies.
– Nollywood is neither Hollywood nor Bollywood.

Exercices p. 40
Précis grammatical p. 272

Over to you!

Introduce a TV report

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You are a TV journalist. A report about Nollywood is going to be shown on your programme. Prepare and record an introduction about what Nollywood cinema is (origins, aims, status in the global film industry, future...).

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